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Decompression Success! I dont know why anyone would have surgery or continue to suffer when your care can help so much!

- Jimmy Cranford

I could not move my left hip. It slowed me down and was affecting my daily tasks. I heard about Decompression from Dr. Wade and decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. The treatments lasted about six weeks and were combined with chiropractic and massage therapy. Today I feel much better. I have no pain in my left hip and I am back to doing my daily tasks with no problem. I recommend Decompression to anyone who is experiencing chronic back pain.

- Harvey Marshall

Dr Wade Has really helped me. I have been in constant pain all my adult life. I can’t remember a day since my last child was born (and he just turned 41) that I have not been in pain. Before becoming a patient of Dr. Wade’s my life was miserable. I couldn’t turn my head without turning my whole body. I had this mid back pain that felt like a knife was stabbing me in the back with someone twisting the knife. Frequent severe headaches, I could eat without terrible heartburn. After standing at work doing hair for just a short time, my low back would hurt so bad, and my left leg would drag when I walked. I had just about quit work due to the pain. Then my shoulder and arm started having shooting pain; my shoulder locked, and I couldn’t raise my arm up. I guess over the past 41 years, I have spent somewhere between 20 to 30 thousand dollars on all sorts of medical care, with no measurable help. I have been to my medical doctor, who gave me Endocin, an anti-inflammatory drug. That caused me to start bleeding and ended up eating a hole in my stomach. I couldn’t take anything for pain stronger than an occasional Alieve, and that really didn’t even help. My medical doctor was doing the best he knew how. He would say he was sorry, and that he wished there was something else he could. I went to an Orthopedic Specialist in Birmingham, who too 9 different x-rays. He said it was arthritis, that there was really nothing he could do for it, and I would just have to learn to live in pain. I went to the Emergency Room when my shoulder and arm would hurt so bad I thought it would fall off. I couldn’t even sit still my arm hurt so bad. At the ER I got two shots in my shoulder, but that wore off quickly and the pain would come back. There was nothing nobody could do to help until … A friend suggested chiropractic care. Thank God for Dr. Wade. I have never been pain free my whole adult life, but I am now. I’ve got a new lease on life. I can stand, sit, walk, sleep without pain. I can eat what I want with out my hiatal hernia bothering me (and that had been bothering me for years). I would have never thought chiropractic could do so much to improve my health, until I tried it myself. Thank you so much, Dr. Wade. I tell everyone about you.

- Judy Hinton

Oxford AL Chiropractic Clinic

We commend you on your decision to look for a Oxford chiropractic center in your area. Getting treated by a Oxford, AL, chiropractic clinic will provide you with great results and get you feeling better fast. We are excited to show you what we can do as your premier Oxford chiropractic clinic. So give us a call today and let's schedule some time to provide you with the initial exam at our Oxford, Alabama, chiropractic clinic. We can't wait to meet you and your family at our Oxford chiropractic facility; we know that you'll be happy you chose us.

You may be wondering what you first appointment at our Oxford chiropractic center will be like. Some paperwork will be required when you enter our Oxford chiropractic clinic. Filling out the forms will provide us with information about your insurance, your medical history, conditions and past treatments. After the staff collects all of the necessary forms at our Oxford, AL, chiropractic clinic, your next interaction will be with the doctor who will perform the initial exam to diagnose your problem. Once we completely understand what you are experiencing and what is causing them, the doctor will then put together a complete treatment strategy at our Oxford chiropractic facility.

By coming to our Oxford chiropractic center for regular treatments, we can ensure that you will see progress in your health. Another key thing to understand is that our team looks forward to being by your side during the treatment process at the Oxford, AL, chiropractic clinic. Our Oxford chiropractic offices recognize that each individual has their own unique symptoms and conditions. That is why we feel our personalized treatments will have you feeling better really soon. Rest assured that if you have questions during the process, our team at the Oxford, AL, chiropractic clinic is ready to answer them.

The work isn't complete once you begin to improve your condition. Our Oxford chiropractic center wants to provide more life-changing services. We want you to remain healthy after you've completed your treatments. That's why our Oxford, AL, chiropractic clinic staff will help you with methods in making healthy decisions. All of us at the Oxford chiropractic facility want to see you making healthy decisions outside of our clinic. We also want to work with your entire family so don't forget to book appointments for them at our Oxford chiropractic center as well.

Our entire team at the Oxford chiropractic center appreciates your consideration of our services, and we hope to see you in our offices. Don't wait another moment to schedule your first appointment at our office!

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